GoddessNatalie – Truth or dare with CBT instructions

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Me and your precious wifey spent some quality time together, just the two of us, having a girls day, doing each other’s makeup and pedicures, talking about men…talking about you haha you know..like best friends do. You turn up at my door right as she’s having a shower to get ready, so I invite you in and tell you to wait for her inside, as it’s pretty cold out there, and you’ll freeze to death in that tshirt. So you come in and we chat a little, I suggest we should play truth or dare to spice things up and you accept. Little did you know, though…that this game will be turning into more of a truth or truth for me and dare or dare for you once I found out that you’re a dirty lil perv who likes CBT. haha I give you lots of fun dares that will hurt your cock and balls but also get you really horny…right in time for when Jenny comes back from the shower…so we can share your fetish with her. Come on, it would be a pity not to tell her, don’t you think?