GoddessNatalie – Reprogrammed into a hands-free orgasm

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Hi there my little one, I noticed that you enjoyed my last h.y.p.n.o sessions and that you particularly had a thing for our first encounter with hands-free orgasms. I’m glad to see that you were brave and adventurous enough to let go of all your control and allow me to guide your steps towards such a magical experience like this one. And since you had a good time and now you know that it is, indeed, possible to have an orgasm without touching your cock, I think it’s time to dig even deeper.

Deeper inside of your mind and deeper inside your sexual wiring, so you can reprogram you into being able to achieve some of the most intense orgasms. Today I’m gonna want you to have yet another no-hands one for me, and to make sure we will both have a good time, I made it a little longer. Remember to only listen to this when you’re alone, when you have the privacy you need for such an experience. Turn off your phone and put the headphones on, after getting fully naked, and let’s have some fun Enjoy!