GoddessNatalie – Mesmerized into becoming a stool for me

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Back when you were in school, all the girls used to make fun of you and bully you for being so far and ugly. They sometimes told you how you could only make yourself useful to them if you became their chair. At first, it was humiliating and frustrating to keep getting called a stool or a chair by all the hot girls in school, but it slowly became a turn on for you, especially around your teenage years, when all you wanted was to jerk off continuously! hahaha well now it’s time to take a deeper look into that dirty fetish of yours, so we can have even more fun with it and place a couple of triggers in your mind as well. Listen to my mesmerizing voice and let go of all control, allowing me to slowly get inside of your brain and make you even more addicted to being used as a chair, particularly by me