GoddessNatalie – Meditation for pandemic times

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I know that we are all going through hard times that can especially challenge us on an emotional and psychological level. And I know that the easiest thing to do in such situations is to run away from it all by allowing yourself to disconnect from reality, to fall into trance, relax and forget about it all.

And especially through jerking off, through endlessly binging on clips and edging for your favorite Goddess, by using sex to forget about your problems. But this is going to be one of those very few positive h.y.p.n.o clips that I sometimes make, in which I want us to seriously address the issue instead of running away from it through porn.

I will teach you a few techniques to deal with the way this whole pandemic makes you feel, how to address your feelings, deal with the emotions you might be experiencing and successfully turn this negative thing into a positive thing. I want you to come out of this quarantine stronger, a better man, a better sub and a happier human being.

So this is exactly what we will be focusing on today, and yes, I will lull you into a trance and calm your mind through meditation in the end, but this will be more like a therapy-fantasy session, so I want you to treat it as such. I really hope it helps you feel better and deal with everything in a better way! Remember that you are powerful, and I am here for you if you need me!