GoddessNatalie [ManyVids] – Thanksgiving CBT

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Well, happy Thanksgiving to you, little pup! It is time to celebrate, don’t you think? And after all, what is Thanksgiving really about, if not thanking for what you’ve been given and being grateful for all the amazing things in your life.

To me, this is a celebration that is all about thanking those around you and M0ther Nature for the great life you have. But today, I want you to only focus on thanking me for the things I changed in your life for the better. I want you to take the time to thank me for the amazing videos I made this year and all the great opportunities I gave you.

And I also want you to show gratitude and appreciation for how you became a better man thanks to me and your whole life has more meaning since you met me. And to make this little thanking ritual more fun, I sprinkled it with some CBT.

So for every little thing you have to thank me for, you will do it while hurting for me, cause you need to suffer and sacrifice for your Goddess. See it as a way to show that you care about my pleasure and entertainment more than you do about your own. Now that’s one good way to properly show gratitude!
Size: 717.49 MB, Release date: 2019-11-29