GoddessNatalie [ManyVids] – Eggnog surprise for my step-bro

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You wouldn’t believe how much of a loser my little step-brother is! On top of being a virgin down there – cause yeah, who’d wanna sit on that? – he is also a virgin in terms of alc*hol!

He never had a single dr*nk in his entire life and is super scared of trying one haha So I figured a way to make him try it – since he would never say no to his cute, bratty step-sister, especially when I threaten him I’ll cry if he doesn’t do what I want haha

I used to do it when we were k*ds and it seems to still be working nowadays! So I made some eggnog with my two little hands – that’s right, homemade eggnog! Sounds so delicious, doesn’t it?

And I started a little video conference with my girlfriends, to entertain them too! They’re gonna be watching as I make him skull those dri*ks up and get him all dizzy and weak, just to take advantage of him later on. How? You’ll see!
Size: 738.45 MB, Release date: 2019-12-31