GoddessNatalie – Humiliation tasks for losers

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Hey little puppies, your one and only Goddess Natalie has a little treat for you today. That’s right, just cause you’ve been so good lately, you get some tasks for next week. I let you have one humiliation task for the whole duration of the following week and I specifically chose to publish this now so you have time to get all the necessary items in time to avoid disappointing me.

You probably know it by now, but in case you didn’t, here’s your reminder that my humiliation tasks are normally priced at $5 per task which would mean 35 for the whole 7 days. Just cause I’m feeling really generous after my last threesome with 2 black men, though, I decided to pity you a little and make these tasks easier for cheapskates like you to afford. You can always add a markup code to remind me which one of you wankers is best at worshipping me and who deserves to be on the “goob boys” list. Now get to it and you better impress me!