Goddess Joules Opia – Submissive Subliminal Programming

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Subliminal programming to amplify your submissive nature and make you a better sub for your dominant.

Affirmations used include;
I am submissive
I love to obey my dominant
I am grateful to my dominant
I love being submissive
It feels good to do as I’m told
I love to obey
I am a wonderful submissive
I take care of myself so I can do more for my master
The more I have, the more I give
I give thanks for my life
I respect my dominant
I love to be of service
I am happy
I am healthy
I dr 1nk plenty of water
My body heals easily and effortlessly
I am attuned to my superior’s wants and needs
I am useful
I am always ready to serve
I beg to please my master
I love to satisfy my dominant
My dominants needs are my highest priority
I love to worship my superior
I understand my place in the world
I love being submissive
Submission makes me happy
I love to obey my dominant
I love to surrender to my master
I love to cook and clean for others
I love to satisfy the needs to my superior
I am good enough
I am a wonderful submissive
I am owned completely
I love being owned by my dominant
I have the strength to submit wholly and completely
I am proud to serve my master
I am patient
I am kind
I am loving
I am brave
I give myself completely to the one I serve
I love to obey
I love to serve
I am weak
I am submissive
I am slipping deeper
I must surrender
My mind is empty
My mind is blank and happy
I submit to Goddess Joules
I am aroused
I am blank and empty
Submission makes me happy

About Goddess Joules Opia

I'm dominant by nature and manipulative by design. I love exploring the minds of submissives, seeing what makes them tick, exploiting their weaknesses and enlightening them sexually. I am a strong believer in Female Supremacy, but that doesn't mean I don't hold a special place in my heart men
I am the Goddess of tease and a master of Hypnotic Domination. I enjoy a wide range of fetishes and am always interested in exploring new ones, especially those in the realm of the esoteric and avant garde.

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