Ginary – Ginary & Vanessa Rain – GF Tickle Fight

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Ginary and Vanessa Rain sit on the bed, excited about their party tonight. Vanessa starts to tickle Ginary’s sides, and Ginary asks what she is doing. Vanessa hugs Ginary, and tells her to calm down…she is her best friend. Vanessa pokes at Ginary’s belly, and tickles her sides. Ginary tells Vanessa she must have just had too much wine. Ginary asks if Vanessa is ticklish, and she tickles her sides and pokes her. Ginary tickles Vanessa hard on her sides as she squirms and laughs on the bed. Vanessa holds Ginary down, and tickles her neck and face. Vanesssa lays back, and Ginary tickles all over her belly and belly button. (Custom Clip. Interested in commissioning a custom clip with Ginary or Vanessa? Email us today.)