Ginary – Amazons Domme Shrunken Pet Human

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Amazons Vanessa Rain and Jenni Foxx come in and sit on the couch and Jenni shows off her new pet. She picks up the cage and shows off her tiny shrunken pet to Vanessa. Vanessa picks the tiny human up out of the cage and the girls are in awe of how cute he is. Vanessa and Jenni have some fun and pass the tiny shrunken man in-between their tongues. Jenni thinks he’s a little dry – so they get him nice and wet. Vanessa and Jenni pass them between their mouths and lick him off each other’s tits. Jenni has him climb up her body into her mouth, then climb all the way up Vanessa. They pass him with their mouths again – then Jenni decides to just eat him! (Interested in commissioning a custom clip with Jenni or Vanessa? Email us today.)