Fell On Productions – Big Ass Face Sitting Cougar

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This poor schmuck has no idea that he has just invited a lethal cougar up to his room. Madisin loves to take control of helpless men and crush them under the weight of her huge ass. She applies a serum to her lipstick that paralyzes her pathetic victims and once they cannot move she face sits them until they breathe their last breath. There is no escaping this big ass

About Fell On Productions

Fell-On Productions aka Fell-On Fetish Factory is a Florida based Amateur Fetish Porn Company. We shoot various fetishes including but not limited to foot, ass, giantess, domination, inflatables, bondage, balloons, food, hair, and taboo.
Our primary specialty is Taboo clips featuring MILF mom fucking her college-age son. Mother, Brother and sister fucking themes.

All of our videos are shot in Full HD and feature multi-camera angles including POV.

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