Espi Kvlt – Ivy Loves Harley Loves Ivy

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Black metal vocalist: Seas of Winter, Apricitas, Phryne, Guan Yin.

Nonbinary cryptid. They/Them.

Darth Ophidius of the Mudhorn Clan.

Holder of a B.A. in English-Writing.

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Ivy’s secret revealed! She loves to watch porn of Harley jacking off to her and jerk off! She starts off by going through Harley’s dirty photo set (which you can purchase here: and then she opens up Harley’s masturbation video (which you can purchase here: and shows off her tits as she jerks off in the same positions and with a doll of Harley at the same time as Harley does. Watch her fuck herself until she orgasms watching Harley do the same! (Music provided by – and the song is called “Roses for My Girl” which is extra cute!)