EliseGraves – Steelwerks Toys: Elise Gets Clamped Pt 1

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About EliseGraves

Hello! I am Elise Graves and I am a very kinky girl who enjoys all things bondage, rubber, breath play, kinky, domination, and more! Watch me and my friends play in incredibly sexy and unique ways! I enjoy being dominated as well as dominating men, women, trans and non-binary people! Universal Bondage Love to You.

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The best part about having kinky friends is when they make custom sex toys for your genitals – particularly if
they are THE MOST TALENTED creator of high-end sex gear. I’ve said this before, and I will say this again, I AM
A LUCKY GIRL. Chris, from SteelwerksExtreme.com came to visit a couple Folsom’s ago, and this was my first
time meeting him! He has an eerily accurate eye for sizing genitals, and thus, the pussy clamp he made for my
pussy fit like a glove! As this is the first half of this video, we are viewing each piece that we will be playing with
(on me!!), mostly occurring in the second half. If you want to see what each piece is up-close, you’ll want to
watch this video. Being that I am the luckiest, there were several lovely ladies present at this time who were
skillful in their eventual ability to nearly orgasm me to death (second half of this video). Get ready to be
charmed by Alice in Bondageland, and to hand your wallet over to Chris from Steelwerks.