Eevee Frost – cheating girlfriend roleplay 2

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this is meant to be a sequel to my other cheating girlfriend role-play video. The dildo is different because I do anal in the video and needed something that I could comfortably fit inside me. That being said, the storyline is that I bump into the person I cheated on my boyfriend with months later in class. It’s me and my boyfriend’s anniversary and we’re doing something special to celebrate! Anal for the first time. My friend has a suggestion, why don’t I use him as practice first before my boyfriend comes over? ADDITIONAL NOTE: there was supposed to be a split screen portion during the doggy style scene. Unfortunately the file got corrupted and I was only able to upload the one clip for now. I will either replied the video once I’ve made the revision or add the complimentary clip for free, in the near future.

About Eevee Frost

I'm a 24 year old cam girl who enjoys expressing myself sexually on cam and in videos. Some of my favorite videos to make are ones where I explore my fetishes, including age play, pet play, and exhibitionism.

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