Dirty Lesbians – POV Spit Bubbles & Spit Strings Slurps

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Do you like to see me make huge loogie spit bubbles? It’s going to be punishment to watch this. I want you to stay right there on your knees. But this time you have to watch me, you taste nothing, no swallowing, just watch. I’m going to bring up some deep loogies, and do spit tricks and huge bubbles over this dildo. You wish it was you, don’t you? Not this time!! You get to just watch. I’m going to see how big and slimy I can make these bubbles and spit strings. Spit and slurp it all back up over and over while yu ache for it.. then I will let them drop, Ooze all over, see what you’re missing out on? Maybe you should have been better to me, tipped me bigger, something, and this could have been all right on you.