daphnemadison – Triple Orgasm and Squirt Measure

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Hey nerds, I'm Daph! I'm a 26 year old webcam model. I live with my boyfriend Hunter and our 3 cats. We enjoy smoking, sleeping and fucking all the time! We love being sexual with each other and sharing that sexuality with others! Please check out our vids for sale and come hang out with us live on Chaturbate.com/daphnemadison !

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I’ve been so horny all day, dying to just lie down and relax. I get comfortable and remove my clothes, smiling and stripping for you. I lay back and start to play with myself outside my panties, then pulling them to the side I start to finger my soft pussy. After taking off my bra and panties, I begin sucking on my favorite toy. Knowing that I want it inside me. I slide the toy into me, slow at first. I begin going faster and faster, loving the satisfaction it’s giving me. I move around into different positions to get fucked in, missionary and then bent over in doggy. All the while begging to get my tight pussy fucked. After taking as much cock as I can handle, I decide to move onto the floor. Knowing I’m going to squirt everywhere and not wanting to soil my sheets, I sit on the floor and turn on my vibrator. I start with the toy on low, pausing a few times for sips of water. Eventually I turn the toy up to the next level and it doesn’t take long for me announce that I’m ready to cum. I finally explode in a huge orgasm, catching the majority of my liquids in a measuring cup. After three mind numbing orgasms, I’m finished cumming and show off exactly how huge my orgasm was. I stand up and show off my 3/4’s of a cup next to my dripping wet ass, splashing some onto my cheeks. And for the GRAND FINALE I get really dirty! Bending down and pouring some of my squirt into my open mouth and all over my tits. Smiling like a dirty little slut, this vid was very fun to shoot!