daphnemadison – First EVER G/G Show w/ Mars Mayhem Day 2

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About Daphnemadison

Hey nerds, I'm Daph! I'm a 26 year old webcam model. I live with my boyfriend Hunter and our 3 cats. We enjoy smoking, sleeping and fucking all the time! We love being sexual with each other and sharing that sexuality with others! Please check out our vids for sale and come hang out with us live on Chaturbate.com/daphnemadison !

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This was such an amazing $lumber party! After our cam show we together on the couch the night before. So after breakfast this morning we could hardly resist getting back online to start playing with each other again. This show recording consists of some 69, scissoring, finger fucking, pussy licking, vibe play and AN EPIC ORGASM WHERE MARS MAKES DAPHNE SQUIRT ALL OVER HER! After all the fun and games, it’s decided that I’ve been a dirty little girl for squirting everywhere and that I deserve a bunch of spankings (some spankings provided by an off-cam “helper” as we refer to him (Hunter Sterling). As a true brat I take my spankings like a champ, whining only a little. Thank you sex gods so fucking much for these two days, MARS YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL AND INCREDIBLE AND I LUV YOU. If you missed the 1st Ever G/G Show, now’s your chance to be a part of it!