Dame Olga – Shoejob with Baby Pink Platform Sandals

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About Dame Olga

Hello, my name is Dame Olga and I'm a kinkster MILF! If you've reached my store, you're probably a foot fetish enthusiast. Aren't you? Good news: I am too! In my opinion, feet are the sexiest part of women's body; that's why I take so much care in making mine as kinky as possible. I'm a shoe addict and I love wearing hosiery. There is one thing I cannot resist: cum on my feet! Each time my feet and shoes get covered with cum, I feel absolutely delighted.

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In this clip, I’m barefoot and I wear my cute baby pink high heel sandals. What I so much love about these shoes is how high the platforms are. In a pink negligée, I sit on my armchair and give my hubby a shoejob. With such shoes, it feels great when I take his cock between the platforms. You can see me masturbating his little cock with my shoes on until he cums. After he spits his semen over my bare feet and shoes, I take off one sandal to drip the cum onto the other shoe. Doesn’t this look yummy?