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Welcome to My Butt3rflyforU Clips Store! I'm a brand new Milf on the scene, and I hope you enjoy my videos. You can find me on Streamate.com at http://www.streamate.com/cam/Butt3rflyforu or at my website at Butt3rflyforu.com. Something you might enjoy knowing about me is that I have an insatiable appetite for sex and acting out fetishes! I love what I do and it shows in my videos. Custom? Email [email protected]

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You are in the middle of a divorce and your ex wife’s attorney calls you to her office just to sign a few papers and wrap up a few loose ends. You have an ongoing bet with your ex that if you don’t masturbate or engage in sex for three months, she will give you her half of whatever is owed to her, which is 1 million dollars! You have gone 3 months…and today is the last day of the bet!!! You just have to make it to the end of the day and you are home free! You walk into my office to see my huge cleavage, pencil skirt and tight ass….I begin saying that it is so hot in here….”Do you mind if I take off my long sleeve shirt”? I need to cool down…..you begin sweating because you know I am hot and you haven’t touched yourself in 3 months or had any female contact…you balls are throbbing because they are so full of cum….no cumming for 3 whole months!!! I can see your pants begin growing….I remove my blouse and turn around looking for files….My purple lace bra….barely contain my tits!!! I slowly get down on my knees…telling you that whatever happens in my office if strictly confidential!!!…I unzip your pants and let your manhood free!!! You can’t even speak…your dick is feeling so good with my hands on it…I tell you that my hands and mouth will feel so good on this deprived cock! I’m sure my pussy feels way better than your ex wife’s too!!! Just slip it in…..don’t worry…its strictly between us…..haha…..Don’t mind the cameras in the corner……!! HAHAHA…..You can’t resist…you slide your raging boner inside my wet pussy…..doggystyle in my office…on my couch….AHHHH …it feels so good…..you need to release!!! And I need your MONEY!!!!! ENJOY!