BuddahsPlayground – Balloon Popping with Cigarette

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I have been in this line of work since 2002 and have catered to a lot of fetishes. I have grown to love all of them. However, there is one that is very, very very, hard for me. Something that should really be no big deal at all…. balloons! I explained in a past clip that I am very afraid of balloons. They make me a nervous wreck and I will leave a store or restaurant if I hear one being blown up or I see them around. I was not afraid of them earlier in life, but I worked at a car dealership where we had to blow up balloons every day and they would pop in my face all the time. I am assuming that is when I became scared of them. Balloons are actually very pretty to me, it’s just the TRUE fear of them popping that gets me. You will see me blow some big bubbles, light up a cigarette and then pop the balloons with my lit cigarette. You will love this video if you love completely no scripted, candid videos. You will hear me laugh loudly and giggle . I seem to giggle when I get nervous I guess. I did end up having a super good time and would totally be willing to do more balloon video if this one does well. just email me if you have any ideas for me to do ok? I really hope you will enjoy this…. believe it or not I did