briellajaden111 – Shady Repossession Agent Left to Hang

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I come outside only to find the very sexy, long legged Raven Setfree walking around my car. I know I was late paying my payment, but she really threw me for a loop. This bitch was dressed like a little skank. I had no idea who she was, but it was making me nervous that she was eyeing my car the way she was. I walked outside and asked her what the fuck she was doing. She confirmed my suspicions. She was working for the finance company, and she was there to take my car. I tell her she’s not taking my car. She won’t listen to reason. However, somehow I convince her to talk about it rationally, and she agrees to come in. Unbeknownst to her I has something else up my sleeve. She suddenly is very tired, and I take this opportunity to lead her to my garage. She is very loopy, and I easily bind her. I put her into a very tight strappado. Her elbows are cinched so tightly together. It’s such a hot look. She struggles, but in her high heels she isn’t going anywhere. I laugh at her predicament. “Still planning on taking my car, or did you have a change of heart?” I ask her. The bitch is pissed and isn’t calming down. I gag her and arch her up even tighter. Her knees are bound and her ankles are crossed and tied. This makes it hard for her to stand. She is literally hanging there. Poor bitch! Too bad I don’t have a heart. She is gagged and pools of drool flow out of her mouth. This is a hot clip