Brandon Iron – Casting video of MALORY KNOXXX

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Casting video of MALORY KNOXXX: Mallory came to her cocksucking casting dressed upscale, wearing a a dress and open-toed high heels. We met 5 minutes prior to the camera rolling. 34C fake tits. Opens her mouth wide. I test her suction power by making her suck my thumb. Doggystyle ass spread with 2 hands bent over my chair. She drops to her knees and starts to suck, lick, and worship. Her red lipstick transfers onto my shaft and it serves as a depth marker. She says she loves “ch0king on it” but her gag reflex says otherwise. She makes some funny sounds as she impales her head onto my cock. I put my hand on top of her head and instruct her to go mouth-only while I fuck her face. Some contents of her stomach come up but she savours the flavours again. It happens a second time and she apologises, all with chunks of dinner falling out of her mouth. She wants me to teach her how to deep throat but I school her in a carpet-saving ball licking lesson instead. She tells me she’s going to swallow my load, feel it hot and burning down her throat. “Gimme your protein!” she says and I oblige. Thick white goo coats her tongue and she swallows it all. I use my thumb to scoop a chunky bit into her mouth and I wonder why she allowed any to spill, considering she claims it’s “so good.” These ladies don’t lie, do they?