Booty4U – Naked Water Ring Inflation

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I tell you about my new water ring, holding it’s nozzle up to my mouth so I can blow into it! Taking big breaths I quickly fill the pool toy with air. Once the water ring is full, it’s obvious that there’s no way I could fit it around my waist. I attempt to fit the ring over my head but it doesn’t get very far! I spin the ring around as I try to think of different ways to try and get the water ring on. I say that the water ring looks like it would be the perfect size for my thighs, then I slide it onto my leg! Playing with the inflatable toy, I spin it around and hold it like a picture frame in front of my pussy! I squish my boobs together using the water ring, and the pool toy stays put! So I start bouncing to make my tits shake with the water ring on them! I have fun being silly and naked with my cute inflatable water ring

About Booty4U

I'm a bit of an exhibitionist... I get a thrill every time I sell a video! Would you care to indulge me? Turning you on, turns ME on! If you have video suggestions let me know - I love making videos!

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