Booty4U – Blowing Tiny Bubbles

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With little pink bubble wand, I have fun repeatedly dipping it into the soap solution and then blowing tiny bubbles toward you! I’m topless throughout the video, using one hand to operate the bubble wand, and the other to grope my right breast! A couple of times the bubbles expand bigger than golf balls, but the vast majority of the bubbles are about marble sized. My nipples are visible for most of the video, but near the end I lean closer to the camera so that my blowing lips are the focus! *My nails look dirty but I assure you, they’re just stained from dying my hair the night before

About Booty4U

I'm a bit of an exhibitionist... I get a thrill every time I sell a video! Would you care to indulge me? Turning you on, turns ME on! If you have video suggestions let me know - I love making videos!

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