BabesAndBandits – Sunday DnD Game 17.1

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About BabesAndBandits

Dungeons And Dragons isn't just for Bandits! Watch us Babes traverse through dangerous dungeons and logic our way through puzzles along with the bandits. But after a successful campaign we like to celebrate with blowjobs, vibrators, and more!

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The gang is back! In this episode we have OG, Gareth, and Corvus joining us! Unfortunately the footage for episode 16 was not able to be edited so we can’t put it out for you guys. But it will come out eventually!

OG and Corvus meet us with a letter saying that one of the ministers named RedTalon needs our help! So we start heading towards the grasslands and while resting for the night a group of bandits passes our camp. OG and Bloo decide to be vigilantes and defeat all of the bandits. Then we go to Red Talons estate and she sends us to quarry where there are three giants who have taken her crotch goblins. After a long battle and lots of sneaking we save the spawn of RedTalon!