Ava Black – You’re just a bitch! Stop pretending

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About Ava Black

Ebony Dominatrix from the UK.
Travels extensively around the world.
Loves kink, shopping, and fucking… not necessarily in that order.
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So you’ve been telling yourself you’re ‘normal’ huh? All the while you’re having all these vivid enforced bi dreams? How you just wish a strong demanding unrelenting woman would just sweep in and make you just gag on yummy cock and gargle on man-juice?!?! What about the time you confessed to us how you feel weak at the knees when you see a Dominant male? That you would do anything and all we had to do was command it? Well you’ve been skipping off on your promises to us for far too long boi! We’ve decided that it’s about time you make good on your promises. Because everytime we’ve spoken you’ve revealed little trinkets of information about yourself. Your real name, your wife’s phone number, even your work details. And we’ve been keeping a nice tidy record. Storing them all up for a day such as today… Do you know what today is boi!?!? Today is the day you bow down to your true superiors! The day you finally turn fantasy into reality! Because you’re going to pay and pay good to suck on Master Black Man Pole’s cock! You’re going to deepthroat like a champ and work some tongue action for us! And you know why? Because we own you! And you are going to pay a ridiculous amount to worship and be the b1tch that we all know you really are! And the kicker? You’re going to pay us on the regular to stop us from sharing our juicy little trinkets with the ‘wifey’…. or worse still your work