Ava Black – You’ll be my sissy hubby

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Life is too complicated for you! You make it so you silly sausage. Always trying so hard to find that manliness that we both know you never had. Pretending with all your might to be a ‘real big boy ‘ like all the others when you turn to mush as soon as I look at you. So silly when a beta male tries his hardest to be alpha. Just quit it! I’ll make it easy for you. See I’m looking for sissy husbands for my stables. I have tonnes of spaces available. And dresses! See I even have one that will fit you like a glove! Like you were made for it! No pressure no false expectation. I know what you are – true beta sissy slut! The only way you’ll be happy is when you are tarted up without any of those pesky life responsibilities. Let the ‘grown ups’ look after that petal. You obviously aren’t doing very much good with ‘MY MONEY’ so let’s take back that unnecessary inconvenience and leave you at home like the good little sissy boi that you are. Ok? Now come and look at this veil with me! Wouldn’t you love to wear matching dresses and veils at our fetish wedding