AstroDomina – THE VORE SHOP VR360 – Part 2

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My name is Sydney Lee. I am a Seattle-based pro-domme, YouTube and camgirl!
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This is a continuation of The Vore Shop – Part 1. This part is in VR360 format! ———– When Sydney comes back to check on you, you are in the Virtual Reality Realm. It sure looks real. And then Sydney admits that this place isn’t really a VR gaming shop. Nothing virtual about it. It’s actually the VoRe shop. She picks you up and you realize there is no turning back. You will end up in Sydney’s mouth just like one of those edamame beans. Sydney licks you a few times and now you understand that a woman’s tongue is one of the best things you could ever put on your body. And getting into her mouth is the highlight of your life. Also the last thing you’ll experience