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My name is Sydney Lee. I am a Seattle-based pro-domme, YouTube and camgirl!
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It’s very simple, either you cave as a result of my kicks to the nuts, or you cave to my seduction techniques. Either way, I win. ———- Sydney is getting closer to finding the General. She has captured one of his sergeants and dru.g him into her dungeon where she plans to extract the location of the General. Being in the military for many years, the sergeant is trained to withstand many torture techniques. But he probably has never come in contact with someone like Sydney. He seems to have no intention of telling her the General’s whereabouts. Sydney starts by flicking his balls and moves to kicking very quickly. The sergeant seems to be taking the abus.e fairly well, but eventually he must cave to the power of Sydney’s boots. And if he doesn’t, maybe Sydney has other ways of convincing him.