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My name is Sydney Lee. I am a Seattle-based pro-domme, YouTube and camgirl!
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Start edging right now, my little money slut.. I’m going to be draining your cock and your wallet today!

You’ve tried to get away from it, but you can’t help but see Sydney pop up online, in the corner of your web browser and inevitably you find yourself drawn to her and her luxurious lifestyle. It’s obvious that she just becomes richer and more powerful every single day.

And every time you swear not to spoil her again, you find yourself slipping down even further. You might vanish for a time after I deplete your wallet, going dormant and silent while you lick your wounds.. you promise yourself never to do it again! But then you eventually recover. You stash away your dollars and build that nest egg again but then you start feeling it.. the urge to spend on her!

And all while you’ve been trying to fix your broken self, she has just become even more rich and powerful, which makes you just want to tribute her even more! You know that she simply deserves it more than you, and it’s just a turn on to think about letting her tell you exactly what to do with your money and your cock!

Well bitch, she wants you to edge to this video, and follow her instructions exactly! If you do she will not only take everything, but she’ll give you the most explosive (and expensive!) financial orgasm of your life! So get your cock and wallet out fin slave, and do what the Goddess tells you.