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My name is Sydney Lee. I am a Seattle-based pro-domme, YouTube and camgirl!
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Your whole life should be devoted to Goddess Sydney. Even all the liquids and solids that come out of her body. Get ready to consume it all. ———- This is a custom video. You’ve been waiting patiently for your Goddess to return. Ah, there she is. Eagerly awaiting instructions since you’re lost without her. Goddess Sydney knows you’re nothing without her. Her beautiful ass is your motivation. If you weren’t in her divine presence you’d be in your mom’s basement. Probably jerking off by yourself. But now you have a purpose: you get to be Sydney’s toilet. Breakfast, lunch and dinner. For starters you get to lick her yummy spit. What a treat! After that, you’ll get to dr|nk and eat the good stuff. Don’t you want to start by putting your nose in between those ass cheeks? If you’re lucky enough Sydney will allow you to cum, maybe while she’s hovering over your face