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My name is Sydney Lee. I am a Seattle-based pro-domme, YouTube and camgirl!
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Today I’m going to teach you some useful self paddling techniques, this is going to a very fun game! (for me! hahaha)

Sydney is dressed up in her leather skirt carrying a ping pong paddle, something very similar to what you should have in your hands at the start of this video. You should also be wearing your silicone cock ring, or whatever you have at home that’s simlar. Are we all ready now? Good let’s get started!

She orders you to start with a small warmup, just 4 or 5 hit right on top of your cock. DO it!! and make sure you follow along with Sydney the entire time, and don’t miss a beat as she counts down! Next, she moves onto your pathetic balls, which should have started to swell up already. Now 8 more hits!

You can definitely already tell things are heating up, but it’s only going to get worse. With each round she adds more hits and demands you hit even HARDER! The amount of pure ball torment in this clip shouldn’t be underestimated. This is only for the most hardcore masochists! How long will you last, little paddle slave? Do you think you can survive through the main event?..