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You’ve been talking to a cute trans girl online, and you’re both hitting it off really well! You’re into the same video games, fans of the same movies, and things never seem awkward when you’re talking to each other. One day, however, she tells you up and out of the blue that she wants to have cam sex with you. You get nervous, and she assures you she does this all the time. That only makes the nerves worse, though. What this trap doesn’t realize is that you’re not packing very much. But you’re so attracted to her. And for some reason, the idea of her reacting to that little dick of yours is turning you on so badly. Plus, you can’t -possibly- be smaller than her, right? Maybe if you’re lucky, she’ll even tell you to jerk it for her. Or will you even be able to wait that long…? (This one’s a special shout-out to the small penis humiliation fans out there. This fetish was always a favorite of mine, too, and there never seemed to be enough of it. I wouldn’t usually play Domme, but for this vid, I’ll make an exception I hope I’ve made something you all can enjoy!) [Note: This video was -intended- to be gender neutral, however I do refer to my previous partners as guys, and overall I didn’t do a perfect job at this

About Ashley Lynn TS

Trans & genderfluid! I'm a queer devil looking to corrupt you. I'm a slutty exhibitionist femboy twink. I'm a size queen with a tiny dick. I'm your always horny girlfriend, your feminized sissy boyfriend; I'm a lot of things. Enjoy my videos!♥

Turn-Ons: Dicks. BDSM. Collars/leashes. Degradation. Petplay. Pain. Master/slave. Older/bigger men. Giant insertions. Anal gaping. Fisting

Reminder: Me being okay with sissy/trap/tranny/shemale doesn't give you permission to call other trans girls those.

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