Ashley Alban – Sunday School Girl

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Ashley is sitting in her room, studying the Bible. She sighs, she just wants to be able to go to that party she heard about. What are her parents so afraid of? Well, she knows; they think she’ll have sex with a boy ad get pregnant. She knows to use protection though, and what’s so wrong with having sex? Do her parents not realize how much sex there is in the Bible? Or is it only bad when women have sex? Ashley finds it all ridiculous. How can sex be bad when she can’t help but be horny sometimes? Plus it feels so good to touch herself. Ashley reaches under her bed and pulls out a dildo. She told her parents she was getting ice cream with Meadow, but she really went downtown to a sex store and bought it. Ashley holds the dildo in her hand and begins to kiss it. If only it was a really dick. She’ll just have to wait until she goes off to college to get fucked. The dildo will have to do for now. Ashley strips naked, and begins to fuck her pussy. She wonders what her parents would think if they knew she was fucking herself instead of reading the Bible. She moans in pleasure. Ashley sits up and begins to ride the dildo. She gets super creamy and thinks about all of the things she will do when she goes to college. Ashley cums, getting her pussy cream all over the cover of the Bible and licks it clean.

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