AnnaMoone – Programming Tai’s New Android

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Tai Crimson bought a refurbished programmable android and decides to test out its settings once she gets it home. First she strips it naked and discovers that its old owner forgot to remove its chastity device. Tai doesn’t have the key, so I guess she’s keeping it on! After checking out her goods she discusses at length the various ways she can program her new toy; all with the help of her handy insert-able USB Buttplug! And she decides to do just that! Watch as Tai discusses and explores all the ways she can have fun with her new toy. See her Android unable to foster the will to resist as Tai turns its sensations off and on again. Includes hot chastity, sensation play, blindfolding, genderfuckery, and intense mental and emotional degredation. Get yourself this real live-action Android Fetish film and experience what its like to get your own sex droid to do with as you please…or to be a sex droid! (This film is fantasy. Science has not yet reached a place where I can actually become a programmable fuckdroid….unfortunately