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Mom and Son Summer Vacation Together, Part 1 – 6:00 Wade has had a hard first year in college. He studied hard, didn’t party or let girls distract him, and his hard work paid off. He made the president’s list! Mom is so proud and wants to reward her son’s hard work, so she rents a RV for them for the summer. They will be driving to a remote resort in the woods where they can relax and unwind and spend some much needed bonding time together. When they arrive, Wade goes to check things out and comes back with a shocking revelation to tell his mother. They are actually in a nudist resort. After being shut in all year focusing on his classes, he can’t help but be immediately aroused looking at all of the beautiful people. He is so embarrassed of his boner that he doesn’t want to go out. Mom feels awful. She had no idea what she was getting them in to. She doesn’t want to ruin their summer, but if she leaves, she will lose all the money she paid for them to stay there for the month. She has no choice, it was her mistake, she should have read more about the resort. She strips to her bra and panties to show her son that it’s natural and he shouldn’t be ashamed, but this makes Wade even harder. He never knew how hot his mom was. Seeing the distress in her son’s face, she knows the only thing to do is to get her hands dirty. She strokes her sons cock until he shoots a big load all over her tits. Now he feels like he can go out and explore a little more. Jane Cane, Wade Cane, Shiny Cock Films, hand job, handjob, nudist colony, family, related

Mom and Son Summer Vacation Together, Part 2 – 6:57 Wade and his mom come back from dinner at the resort. He is all flustered. He had a rock hard cock all through the meal. Everyone around them was either half naked or barely clothed. He can’t get his erection to go down. His mom knows what a problem he is having. He just wants to go home, but mom isn’t giving up. She is determined to have a nice summer with her son. She missed him all year while he was away at school. She would do anything for him. And to be honest, she is a little aroused herself being in this atmosphere. She tries to sooth her son by talking to him, but it doesn’t work, all he can think about is his raging boner. Mom had a few drinks at dinner and suggests she do what she did earlier that day to help him out. He agrees and she starts to stroke his cock. She can tell he really likes it, he is moaning and she can feel how hard he is. She gets even more turned on and starts to suck his cock. Wade can’t believe that his mom has his cock in her mouth. He can’t take it anymore and explodes down her throat. Jane Cane, Wade Cane, Shiny Cock Films, blow job, blowjob, cum in mouth, nudist colony, family, related

Mom and Son Summer Vacation Together, Part 3 – 9:00 It’s been a week since Wade and his mom arrived at the nudist colony. His mom made a mistake when reserving their spot and didn’t know what she was getting them into. She doesn’t want to lose her…